Atlantic City Web Hosting | Vision & People

Our goal with Atlantic City Web Hosting was to start a web hosting community to serve a niche in the state of New Jersey. We are dedicated to creating an affordable, reliable service that not only offers all of the latest web technology, security and connectivity, but also to make sure we combined all of these services at an extremely competitive price.

One of our goals is to share our knowledge wherever possible to help our clients achieve their goals. Since the beginning of the internet, the technology has rapidly evolved. Thankfully, this evolution allows for more services to be offered at a lower price. And with more choices and lower prices, everyone now has even greater opportunity. Within a few minutes, and a few more clicks, anyone can create a website and compete at a global level. The internet levels the playing field and removes all borders.

Your customers are no longer limited to your physical address. And you now have the ability to compete equally. This is an opportunity we believe all of our clients should benefit from.

Now anyone can start their own website. For less than the cost of a plate lunch, and as little as $4.75 a month, you can have a modern responsive, mobile ready website ready for eCommerce, internet marketing, blogging, app development and more. And all it takes is a few mouse clicks and a little bit of passion. You are only limited by your imagination.

Technology is pretty amazing now. So many tools are available today, that all you really need is a little motivation, and an internet connection. Websites for personal resumes, blogging, group forums along with every size business are going online every day. There’s no more excuse… Let us help you get started. Pick a plan that’s right for you or contact us with any questions you may have…. We’re here to help…

Who We Are

Atlantic City Web Hosting was started by web design and technology veterans to fill a niche in the state of New Jersey. Our history traces back over 30 years in the hospitality industry. We’ve developed projects for large and small organizations all over the country. In one of our most recent projects, we re-branded, rebuilt, re-engineered and re-launched 9 casino resort websites using the latest responsive CMS platform, the same platform everyone has access to for free… WordPress. Yes, even large companies with multiple locations across the globe rely on publicly available content management systems.

We’re also involved with strategic digital marketing initiatives for most of our clients. This includes a range of services from online and traditional media. Almost everything we do touches on or leads back to online communications. We’ve developed campaigns involving SEO, social media, print, TV, radio and email marketing. A lot of focus over the last several years has been on email marketing. Costs are very low, the reach is global and response rates are very high and almost immediate. Compared to all other media, developing an email database has become critical and the return on investment powerful.

Needless to say, we struggled over the years with developing technologies and scattered services. Now we believe we’ve reached a point where we finally have the proven reliability of cloud hosting, the markedly improved speed and reliability of SSD drives, cloud hosting and other advanced hardware, combined with the lower cost that innovation and competition brings. So we developed Atlantic City Web Hosting to bring these same options to you in a single, affordable package. You really DO have the same opportunities that even the largest organizations have and you CAN do it.